About Zorelit.io

Zorelit.io is a good space 2d shooter game which is suitable for those who love dogfights. Start off with a starship which is equipped with a special weapon. In order to dominate the high spot on the ranking, it is essential to eliminate as many enemies as possible. It is also the key that helps you conquer the round. Aside from that, you can destroy asteroids on the path. You should gain bonuses to unlock next levels and grow stronger. If you do not want to experience the combat alone, you can invite or join a team. Leave the group if necessary. In Zorelit.io, you choose to avoid intense battles and focus on collecting resources from small planets scattered across the map. If you are about to flee from somebody, you are advised to prepare for powers, for example, the Engine Booster. You can combine your equipment with abilities. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to aim, LMB/Q to shoot, RMB/W to control an ability, 1-4 to choose the emotion, T to invite or join a team, R to leave the team. Hold Space to lock a direction.

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