About Zor.bio

Zor.bio is a Free For All game like Agario style. Explore cool new features and compete with other characters on the same 3d map. You need to defeat every opponent and attempt to become the largest player on the server as long as possible.

You will enter a massive map set in space and encounter a lot of enemies at once. In order to complete the mission that Zor.bio gives to you, you should consume food and gain mass first. Remember that it is not easy to move and capture what you target. Meanwhile, you are being surrounded by unfriendly strangers. To maintain your size and survive, you’d better stay away from those who have the red “danger” text because they can devour you in an instant. Stop promptly and change another direction to continue your adventure. Aside from scattered colorful orbs, you can attack smaller guys to rank up faster. Much fun!

How to play

Use W to boost forward, S to stop, the mouse to direct.

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