About Zlax.io

Zlax.io is a fantastic Free For All strategy game by Clown Games. It is ready to be played on your web browser or on an Android app. Select the skin and the color along with the username that you want in order to embark on exploring the new twist in the cool multiplayer battle. Try to destroy as many enemies as possible! The most kills will help you climb up to the top spot. On the floor, there are tons of tools that are used to chop wood. However, these steel blades will be very effective for you or other people to cause the death of your opponents. Just pick them up and aim and throw these axes at the target to eliminate him. Besides, you can spot a large number of colorful gems on the path. When you gather them, you can hit more and receive extra slots which allow you to level up, own upgrades, and carry more weapons at once. When the Rage Bar is full, you are able to launch continuously for a short time. Good luck!

How to play

Press LMB or Space to throw axes, RMB or W to speed up.

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