About WarehousePANIC.io

WarehousePANIC.io is a free online puzzle Io game which is inspired by the popular Bejeweled style. The mission that you need to accomplish in the new match is to place arriving goods pieces so they will be able to generate as many square blocks as possible. Keep in mind that each competition will only last for 60 seconds or until the next ship comes! Therefore, you are required to arrange everything that you are assigned carefully and quickly before you run out of time. It is not easy to complete your task because you can get troubles from a few opponents around you. They can occupy the spot that you target or make you difficult to put down your items. If you feel that you will not find out any suitable position, you can skip what you have received and take another. To avoid a cooldown penalty, you should ensure the newly set shape has a neighbor of the same color. Good luck!

How to play

Press LMB to place down blocks, RMB to skip them.

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