About Wanderers.io

Wanderers.io is a great MMORPG strategy Io game that you should not ignore. Play as a novice commander and lead the own tribe to the best position on the leaderboard as soon as possible! Discover a small hostile sandbox world and compete against other teams to dominate. Your minions have a special ability that they can interact with the environment once they have appropriate tools. They will automatically perform right actions such as hunting wild animals or cutting trees to collect wood. Not only that, they will help you complete various tasks. So, what you need to do after you embark on Wanderers.io is to look for the suitable gear before giving these items to your people. More importantly, you are recommended to purchase new upgrades frequently. Stuff that you have bought will increase the chance to survive and win. Participate in your cool story and fulfill your job now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to choose tools and manage your tribe.

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