About Trooper.life

Trooper.life is a free-to-play 2D shooter iO game. Explore the new arena with an elite soldier and fight against multiple enemies at a time. The main objective of you in the incoming battle is to take over the leaderboard. To climb up to the top spot, you need to score the most kills and survive as long as possible. So, it is essential for you to hunt down the foes after you have spawned and always dodge deadly attacks before you achieve the goal. Join the online match of Trooper.life unblocked you should move carefully and aim accurately. It is really useful for you to gain the points that you expect quickly. It is recommended to keep shooting everyone while going constantly to prevent dangerous situations and cause the enemy to be harder to knock you down. Staying alive at the end of the round is also regarded as a good tip. You can hide behind walls to cover your body and restore your health. However, stay away from explosive barrels! Have fun!

How To Play Trooper.life

Press WASD to roam, the mouse to aim and fire

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