About Sworm.io

Although Sworm.io game is similar to Slither style, it still provides some different features. It leads you to an online multiplayer adventure in which you will be able to control a worm or more at once while fighting against tons of dangerous enemies nearby.

You will play Sworm.io with a vulnerable creature at the start and you need to eat as much as possible to grow in size. What you can consume are the scattered food orbs and the remains of killed opponents. While you are moving around the map, you can activate the boost ability to run away from stronger characters or catch the prey. You are allowed to cut targets or divide yourself if necessary. More importantly, do not bump into anything or you can die. To locate your position and others on the playfield, you can zoom in or out to view. Besides, try to gather bonuses. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to direct, LMB or W to boost, RMB or Space to cut, scroll the mouse to zoom.

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