About Supersnake.io

Supersnake.io is a Slither style MMO game with an exciting twist. You will engage the new deathmatch with a small snake. The first step that you need to implement is to consume as much food as possible. They will help you grow longer, bigger, and stronger later. Aside from that, you can collect power-ups scattered around the cramped battlefield. Some of them will allow the smallest creature to increase the survival ability and get an edge over other opponents. Look out! You must avoid running into spike barricades and bigger enemies or you will die in an instant. If you want to become the winner in Supersnake.io, you’d better keep you safe and earn experience. Keep in mind that you will automatically move forward and there is no way to stop bu turning to the left or right. Besides, you can spit the venom or drop a bomb. Use them wisely, depending on the target. Good luck!

How to play

Use A and D to move, W to spit the venom, S to drop a bomb.

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