About Superballs.io

Superballs.io is a free-for-all HTML5 iO game with a strange concept. It is about a multiplayer match gathering people from around the world. It is a version of pool. In which, you should make use of your own shooting skill to pot every ball into different holes which are scattered across a large map. It will be an important key that allows you to increase your scores, overtake other opponents, and take over the leaderboard sooner than expected. Play Superballs.io online and you need to master how to shoot your item. Click and hold the mouse button to aim. Try to perform your action carefully! Besides, you are able to kick off a power bar when it is full so as to launch an amazing shot. Aside from the AI, you will have the chance to check out your abilities in front of multiple competitors at once. It is feasible to cannon these people into the pockets! Attempt to survive, level up, gather power-ups, and unlock upgrades quickly!

How To Play Superballs.io

Hold the mouse button to charge, Right Mouse to launch a powerful shot

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