About Starblast.io

Starblast.io is a very popular Diep style Free For All io game. You will start with a small and basic spaceship. Play against multiple enemies and only rely on your own skills to defeat them. The main aim is to take over the galaxy and climb up to the top spot as soon as possible.

In Starblast.io, you are able to harvest a lot of gems from asteroids that you see along the way. These valuable stones will help you increase your stats significantly. Aside from that, your ship can evolve into another better model when you max out those items. With the stronger weapon set, you will destroy targets easier. However, you can choose to avoid battles and focus on collecting resources until you are powerful enough to fight and revenge. So as to demolish spacecraft which is larger, you can find some friends and create a team to deal with the prey. Good luck!

How to play

Use arrows or RMB to move, Space or LMB to attack or mine.

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