About is a “hit io game” in which you will play a classic match against tons of enemies. Start off with a small fleet and take the role of a commander. Fly around the new map set in space and try to shoot down every opponent around you. However, you should only hunt down weaker groups at the beginning. Overtake their spaceships and your team will be able to grow. If you build up the biggest troop, you will have the chance to dominate the arena and occupy the top spot. In, using auto-shoot and auto-grow is optional. You are allowed to accumulate ships and make your faction become larger at a time. If you want to take over the leaderboard sooner, do not ignore chasing those who have the highest scores and remember to eliminate them to gain more points. A sudden growth can surprise the prey. Join the battle and seek the appropriate tips now!

How to play

Use the mouse to fly around, Space or LMB to shoot, W or RMB to accumulate ships and grow your fleet when auto-grow is off.

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