Salvage Guns

About Salvage Guns

Salvage Guns is an online multiplayer 2d shooter game. Show your shooting skill while salvaging wreckages in order to defend yourself from deadly attacks. Keep in mind that you are able to choose to drive a tank or a truck. Depend on your objective, you can pick out the vehicle that you want. Thus, you are allowed to gather resources and avoid destructive tendencies or only focus on hunting your enemies. These means will be equipped with guns. They have reverse. When you collect pieces, you will earn money and experience to level up. With the profit that you achieve, you can own upgrades and unlock other skins. These items are helpful to control situations your way. It means that you will increase the chance to dominate the leaderboard. Besides, you can encounter a heavily armored train passing through the playfield. If you see it, quickly destroy the target to get more scraps. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to fire.

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