About PirateBattle.io

PirateBattle.io is a fun action game in which you will start off with a wicked captain and fight against all of the opponents from around the world. To become the top player, remember to loot the most coins! The gold you gather will help you unlock upgrades for different parts of the ship that you will control in the new match unblocked. Try to demolish the other competitors’ vehicles and steal items that they leave! Always get ready to destroy the enemy or you will be their victim! To sink a small boat, it is necessary to take roughly 4 hits! Play PirateBattle.io free online you can sail close to the treasure to pick them up easier! If you are damaged, you can restore health faster. To grow stronger, don’t forget to improve your stats! Select any pieces and make them better frequently! After each level, you will have the chance to outplay rivals. Good luck!

How To Play PirateBattle.io

Use the mouse to set sail and attack the foes, Space to speed up, 1-4 to choose upgrades

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