About Painty.io

Painty.io is one of the top Diep style games. Explore a classic multiplayer match online and become the strongest character as soon as possible! Get entry to an enormous arena and fight against tons of enemies at once. Try to evade everybody and collect food if you are not ready! What you gather will allow you to increase your experience points, unlock the next level and upgrades for your stats. Actually, it’s feasible to cause heavier damage to the target to defend your body better, and so on. Therefore, you should aim carefully before shooting. Always dodge attacks within Painty.io unlocked for survival! Along with the score, it will be an important element to help you rank up and continue your story. Do not ignore the presence of monsters and triangles! Remove them quickly to loot more EXP! It’s time to join the battle and dominate the leaderboard! Good luck!

How To Play Painty.io

Use WASD keys to roam, Left click to attack

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