About Orn.io

Orn.io is one of the best MMO Agario style iO games. Different from the original, the new free online multiplayer match will occur in an enormous 3D map. In which, you will play against a lot of opponents at once and start off with a tiny ball. The main aim that you are required o accomplish in the present adventure is to dominate the leaderboard. In order to achieve that goal, you need to change into the biggest player ever. Hop into the arena of Orn.io unblocked and remember to roll carefully. You are recommended to collect smaller round objects and other weaker competitors by moving over them. When you consume food, your body will get bigger. In Orn.io, you are allowed to split the item into pieces. However, you must observe everybody around or you can be eaten at any time. Always stay away from larger adversaries and don’t let anyone push you in corners! Further, avoid spiked or they will break you and reduce your points! Good luck!

How To Play Orn.io

Choose WASD or LMB to navigate, Space or LMB to divide

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