Experience the hot game inspired by Slither style and explore the new combat full of fun together with strangers throughout the world! Pick out the favorite color fo your dragon’s skin and the head armor that you want before taking part in the challenge. Enter a battlefield set in the middle of the air and fight against tons of enemies. While you are moving around the map, you will see a lot of orbs. Quickly collect these items because they will give you much more energy. Not only that, they can make your corn grow in size. In other words, it will get bigger and longer. That change is quite exciting since it is helpful to increase the ability to defend and attack. Remember to charge before launching any hit! When you earn enough the number of kills or meet other demands, you can unlock other upgrades which boost your power and allow you to be the King sooner. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to fly around the map, LMB to charge your attacks.

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