About is a brand new Io game based on the Agario style. It is possible to hunt down weak animals in a small horde after you appear on the battlefield. However, you must dodge attacks from other players while you are still small and vulnerable. When you grow to 25 or 30 units, you can take part in the fighting against stronger creatures such as wild boars and bears. If you are successful, you will receive the maximum XP and gain better scores. If you defeat large mobs, you will be given more gold. Valuable resources allow you to purchase upgrades in the menu. Actually, you will get more advantages when you are bigger. During the journey in, you can use your ultimate ability to finish off targets faster. But, you must think carefully before you release that skill since it can affect the course of a match. Good luck!

How to play

Hold LMB to walk, release it to attack. Press RMB to use the ultimate ability.

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