About Hexar.io

Hexar.io is a good Slither style game with a lot of power-ups. Control a colored circle and you should occupy as many blocks as possible. Similar to Paper.io, the gameplay that you experience also brings an exciting casual multiplayer racing. If you want to capture an area, you need to connect your trail from non-owned spots to your base. While you are moving, you can die if somebody hits it. You’d better keep an eye on everything around you to escape before it’s too late. You are recommended to build your territory little by little so you can survive longer. By running into the tail of the other opponents, you can make them lose. In case you see your rivals leaving too far from their land, you can attack and destroy them. In order to boost your movement speed, pick up green pieces. Currently, it is available for you to download on mobile applications. They will offer more features. Have fun!

How to play

You will move automatically. Press LMB to change the direction.

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