About Hexagor.io

Hexagor.io is a good strategy game. It is set on a 2d small map in which everybody has to eliminate each other to own the largest territory and dominate the top spot. You will start off with a vulnerable home base. If you want to expand it, you’d better occupy as many areas as possible in the shortest time. Remember to defend it until the challenge ends!

You should find out proper tips and tricks promptly to conquer the mission of Hexagor.io. You can begin by attacking adjacent land plots. If you are successful, you will acquire a larger map. You are recommended to do that continuously because your position will be improved and you will reach take over the leaderboard sooner. As mentioned, do not ignore placing towers or turrets or useful units around your castle. They will create a strong line to prevent the foe from breaking into. Besides, mine rocks and cut trees to gather resources to earn more supplies. Good luck!

How to play

Control your troop and mine by using LMB.

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