Play as a mighty knight warrior in game now! This IO game is created and published by Clown Games, and you can download it for free from Google Play. You will engage in a combat to try to defeat all of the enemies for a chance of being the best knight warrior of all.

About Game game is all about a fierce battle between mighty warriors. You will become one of them trying to get rid of other enemies by using your sword. There are some awesome characteristics featured in the game, such as rushers, defenders, draggers, knights, and warriors. Also, you will bump into various types of enemies. You must take control of your character carefully, roam the map to fight off the rivals when they are in your sight. Besides that, you should go pick up a lot of dots in order to increase your sword. The sword will get stronger if you kill many other goons too. features skin rewards for the players too! Make sure you hit some objectives so as to unlock them all! The skins are so exclusive, like curl, spike, zombie and more. You should unlock them and put the new skin on your character to make him good-looking. Knight Warriors Android

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New features in

  • Added three awesome new skins to the game.
  • Enhanced the gaming performance.

Requirement is playable on Android devices, and required Android version is 4.1 and later.

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