About Goons.io Game

Goons.io is a wonderful classic MMO strategy game. It is available for you to enjoy Free For All mode with a lot of strange aggressive players. You are required to slash everything you encounter along the way as well as to gather pieces, create combos to earn higher points. Your objective is to take over the leaderboard for a long time. You will start with a warrior who is equipped with a deadly mace. Besides, you can other weapons such as Samurai swords or axes. They are able to cause the death of the prey in an instant. After you select the skin and username, you can roam around the battlefield and pick up jellies scattered on the floor to increase your score and make the equipment grow longer. It will improve the survival chance, too. If you are in danger, you can use your dash ability to escape from the enemy. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the map, Space or LMB to attack, W or RMB to dash.

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