Download is a Multiplayer fighting game that lets the players battle against each other to see who is going to dominate the entire arena. was developed by Clown Games, and it’s one of the popular IO games on the mobile devices. The game is free for download, so take a chance to get it if you are into this kind of game genre. When the game is launched, you will start controlling your character around the map to fight against the enemies by using your powerful sword. You must wield the sword carefully to destroy the rivals that are in your sight. The more goons you kill, the stronger your sword will become. You can collect the orbs to increase its size too. Try to get away from danger, use your tactics to deal with tougher opponents, and stay alive longer! You should hit more objects so as to unlock more awesome skins!

How to download

Depending on which OS that your phone is powered, you will go to different stores to download the game. More specifically:

Android user

If your mobile device is powered by Android, you can download Goons for free from Google Play Store. Just visit the store, type the name of the game then start downloading it to your device. After installation, you can launch and begin to enjoy it. Make sure your Android version is 4.1 or up.

iOS user available and downloadable from App Store! If you are using an iOS device, including iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you can go to the store to download It will take a time period for the game to be completely downloaded and installed on your device. After that, you can launch it by tapping its icon on your screen. The required iOS version for your device is 10.0 or later.

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