About Gats.io

Gats.io is a 2d shooter game inspired by Diep style. Choose the favorite weapon, armor, and the color that you want before joining. Fight against multiple enemies and defeat all of them to become the top player. With the gun that you pick at the starting, you can shoot down anybody on the path. You will increase your points which can be used to unlock upgrades or perks and special abilities. There are 21,600 special class and loadouts. They will fit various play styles. Your stats in Gats.io will be recorded and viewed. Besides, you are able to collect and activate lots of power-ups. Additionally, you should not forget to reload as you can be killed at the moment when you are about to run out of the ammunition. To gather higher scores, you can visit the square located in the center of the arena. But, that area will make you take more damage. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, LMB to shoot, R to reload, Space to choose advanced power-ups.

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