About galax.io

galax.io is a Free For All game set in outer space. Therefore, you need to get ready to resist many enemies alone. The main aim that you have to complete is to dominate the galaxy by destroying every opponent

Before you participate in the battle of galax.io, you can check to info section on the home screen for the full list of controls and features. Enter the arena afterward and you will fly a basic spaceship. Roam around the battlefield, show up your shooting skill together with every necessary ability so as to eliminate targets whilst keeping your spacecraft safe. In case you’d like to remove larger ones, you are recommended to cooperate with friends and work in a team. Use the chat box to coordinate your attacks. Each kill will grant you 1,000 bits which can be spent on customizing and buying better ships. Pick out the best design that you want to fit your style.

How to play

Use Arrows or WASD to move, Space to shoot.

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