About Feudal Wars

Feudal Wars is one of the top io games about tower defense. Play as the commander and compete with several troops to dominate the realm. Before you take over the leaderboard, you should be the first one who occupies the largest area of the map.

You and other leaders in Feudal Wars will be given unique knights and bonuses. You need to master them. Each of you will begin on opposite sides. Attempt to capture their castles and you will win. You are recommended to save as much gold as possible to buy buildings like barracks, towers, or walls. For archers, they are really good at destroying the opposing infantry. However, units will have their weaknesses. Arranging them is also an important step. Most of the items that you set down can be upgraded if you have enough money. They will generate more powerful forces and allow you to build the largest army later. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to choose and send your units.

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