About Exocraft.io

Exocraft.io is a space strategy Io game. Travel through the new massive map full of asteroids and join the challenge by yourself or work together with your team. In order to reach the top spot, you need to build up a unique exocraft and grow your fleet of drones. You will soon meet up with multiple online opponents along the way. Aside from that, you can face plenty of alien guardians with other defenses protecting their resources. You’d better cooperate with friends to improve the winning chance and survive longer or take out the foe easier. If you are getting close to a weaker target, you can deploy your minions to attack and eliminate him. When you gain enough experience, you will unlock the next level, rank up, and advance further. Additionally, you can dig deeper into the content and explore extra modes. Let’s play and test your tips now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Left click to deploy drones. HOld LMB longer to launch all drones.

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