About Cyclewars.io

Cyclewars.io is a free online multiplayer racing game that you can enjoy a classic combat with other racers. It is set in a small map in which you need to destroy all of the rivals to become the winner and take over the top spot. In other words, do not forget to collect the highest score if you want to climb up to the highest position on the ranking and see your name.

Cyclewars.io gameplay is also similar to TRON. You and everybody will be given a light cycle. You should master how to control your vehicle skillfully in order to survive longer and gather much more kills. Note that it will automatically move around the playfield and it will only stop once it explodes! While you are driving, you create a trail which is considered as the main weapon. Use it to set traps, make the prey bump into and die. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to steer your light cycle. Press Space or LMB to boost speed.

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