About is a good classic strategy Io game which is based on the great Slither style. Control a snake and become the longest beast as soon as you can! Pick out the skin that you like most and embark on the new match set in a large map. Compete with multiple enemies throughout the real world and take over the top spot to be the King. You will have the chance to climb up to the position that you expect once you gain the highest mass. What you should do after you pop up on the battlefield is to eat every colored food dots available on the floor to grow longer. Additionally, you are allowed to attack and consume the weakest part of your rivals. Note that that piece must have the same size to yours! Not only that, you can bite smaller competitors in the front or big ones from behind. If you find predators nearby, you can sprint to escape or hide in rocks. Much fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to steer, Left Click to run, Space to reverse.

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