About is a free online multiplayer Slither style game including new abilities and ships. Enter an interesting deathmatch and play against several opponents around the world. You will begin to explore the racing with a special vehicle. The main aim is to survive as long as possible. If you’d like to complete that target, try not to crash before other rivals. Keep in mind that it is not simple as you think although will only move left and right. Indeed, your vehicle will explode and you will lose once you run into somebody or walls. Thus, you are forced to steer continuously to avoid deadly traps. Aside from competitors, you can see plenty of power-ups scattered across the map. They will bring back a lot of exciting effects. You can pick them up if you want. Attempt to keep you safe and finish your job in order to get great upgrades. Good luck!

How to play

Use the arrow keys to turn left or right.

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