About Crapl.io

Play Crapl.io game online for free and get ready to set the new record! Take control of a planet and try to collect the highest score as soon as possible in order to dominate the leaderboard! Choose the skin that you like most and participate in a fun match in which you have to crash into other opponents’ bodies. Perform your action accurately and you can make the target explode. When they are eliminated, your point will be increased. Aside from that, your orbits are very useful to crush spaceships which can cause damage to your character. Like Agari.io, your player can grow in size. It means that he will enlarge after he consumes stars scattered across the map. When you get bigger, you can eat smaller guys. If you accelerate, do not forget to stay away from explosive rings. They will remove you. Additionally, getting close to zone borders is not a good choice.

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the map, Left Click or Space to accelerate.

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