About Chemz.io

Chemz.io is one of the best multiplayer action iO games where you are required to achieve the highest coverage. To become the winner, you need to poison as many people as possible. Take control of an aircraft and fly around the map to carry out that plan. While moving throughout the airspace in Chemz.io unblocked, you must dodge every attack for survival. Otherwise, your progress will belong to the murder. When you stay alive and continue your job, it is easy to see that your plane is growing bigger. Across the battlefield, there are tons of power-ups. They will give you better weapons along with speed-ups and temporary larger wings. Therefore, you can climb up to the top spot sooner. In addition to that, remember to register an account to play Chemz.io free online! It’s feasible to save your levels, earn XP, open achievements and obtain rewards in case you log in. Besides, you are recommended to upgrade your airplane. Have fun!

How To Play Chemz.io

Use the mouse to fly, Q to release a bomb, E to test a missile, Space to boost speed

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