About CastleGlory.IO

CastleGlory.IO is a fun tower defend Io game that you are able to play against the online enemy for free. Your mission is to prevent the foes from destroying your castle. Additionally, you should demolish their base as fast as possible before they have the chance to do the same for you. Become a commander of a kingdom and you should show up your abilities to protect everything you are given. From the own inventory, you can pick out whatever available. They can be units or buildings. You should observe them before picking anything. Next, you will choose appropriate spots to set those items down. Soldiers will automatically appear and move to the other faction’s territory to attack and eliminate your antagonist. Meanwhile, structures can make you grow stronger. Besides, you are advised to visit the shop regularly in order to upgrade your attributes. You will win once your army wipes out everything from the opposing party. Let’s start to put up the strongest system now!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to build units and structures.

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