About Call of War: World War 2

Play Call of War: World War 2 game online and fight against multiple enemies online! As in other famous RPGs, you will take the role of a commander of an army including various forces. Firstly, you need to choose between the Axis and the Allied powers. Next, you should master how to place infantry, send soldiers to attack the foes, defend. In Call of War: World War 2 unblocked, you can unlock and buy upgrades when you progress. Additionally, you are recommended to improve your navy and air force. Try to manage everything wisely and capture as many provinces as possible in order to rank up! Within Call of War: World War 2, you are allowed to team up with other allies instead of fighting alone. Remember to forge alliances so as you build up a successful economy! If you save enough money, do not forget to research secret weapons and more!

How To Play Call of War: World War 2

Use the mouse button to select and send units

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