About Bomber Arena

Bomber Arena is a classic Free For All io game taking place in a maze. You will begin at the outer side of the map and play with multiple enemies. The weapon that you can use during the new combat is powerful. However, you should drop them carefully because they can kill you. After you appear, you can see a lot of walls. They are obstacles that you need to destroy to open paths. Just lay a bomb or more near these items and they will be removed in an instant. Some of them will leave power-ups. Explosions can also cause the death of other rivals in a wink. Thus, you are recommended to run away from those who are chasing you as fast as possible or you can be eliminated. The best strategy is to lead the prey to a corner. They cannot escape or dodge your attack. If you can create a streak, you will get a great advantage over everybody nearby. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, Space to drop bombs.

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