About is an extremely brutal Agario style game. It is a survival combat which happens in a large maze, in which, you will meet and play against all of the competitors. What you should do to become the winner is to survive until the end.
Indeed, will lead you to one of the most dangerous battlefields that you have to control it if you want to win the top spot. Start off with a normal bomber and break walls or obstacles along the way. Some of them will drop power-ups that you can pick up and use. However, somebody can steal them first. Besides, you can create deadly explosions by planting your bombs to eliminate your rivals. Be careful! Remember to hide when they are about to blast away or you will take massive damage! Your challenge will get more exciting if you join together with your buddies. Let’s experience and share with your friends now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to move, Space to plant bombs.

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