About is an exciting upgrades Io game with a simplistic gameplay. It is free to play online and check out your own abilities! More importantly, it creates a good playfield in which you can prove your power by being the top player. So, you are about to fight against hundreds of mad enemies in the same airspace. You will be given a small helicopter and you take the role of a pilot. You can roam around the map without difficulty. Indeed, it is simple to fly to the place you target. Not only that, you are able to collect a lot of interesting items along the way. Firstly, you will see a large number of blue dots in the sky. You can gather them to gain experience which is important to unlock the next level. It is possible to earn more by killing rivals. Additionally, do not ignore power-ups crates. They provide health bonuses and weapons. If you are damaged, you should speed up to escape.

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to shoot, RMB to boost speed.

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