About Bighero.io

Bighero.io is an Agario style MMO game in which you will have to defeat everybody and take over the leaderboard as soon as possible. Sword is the main weapon that you use to attack the enemy and defend your character. Therefore, you need to learn about how to wield it quickly. Play Bighero.io unblocked you will have the chance to participate in an intense multiplayer match and prove your power in front of numerous foes. The target will turn into dots when they are stabbed. As in Slither.io, their remains will be the useful nourishment of somebody nearby. It’s feasible for you to approach that area and loot what they leave! When you consume those pellets, the tool you are holding will be able to get longer and bigger. After it grows like that, you can defend yourself better. Note! It’s simple to gather power-ups, unlock upgrades, and speed up! Join the battle and dominate the top spot now!

How To Play Bighero.io

Use the mouse cursor to roam, click to attack, D to speed up

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