About is a web browser MMO sports game. Play soccer with your team and try to conquer the championship as soon as possible! You need to defeat all of the opponents if you want to become the top winner. You will start off with the red or blue party. After you accept to take part in the match, you are able to dribble the white ball your way. More importantly, do not forget to shoot it into the opposing goal and score. Aside from running or passing, you can use your speed burst in many cases. You are recommended to defend your net or you can lose. While you are sprinting, do not ignore big energy dots which are scattered across the playfield. Collect them to refill the power bar located at the bottom of the screen. Remember to work together with your partner to increase the winning chance! Let’s embark on the tournament and enjoy now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, RMB or C to dash, LMB to boost speed,

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