About Astrix.io

Astrix.io is a multiplayer fighting game like Agario style, which takes place in outer space. Play Free For All against other enemies and prove your power by dominating the galaxy after defeating every opponent.

Come to the crazy dogfight in Astrix.io you need to control your movement and action carefully. Firstly, you can roam your way to gather plasma. These items will make your ship grow larger and stronger. From that change, your survival ability will be increased and you can continue your journey. Breaking asteroids will provide more exciting items. Aside from using given weapons like missiles, you are able to receive the advantage that power-ups bring back such as Death Ray or Invisibility. It is simple to move and attack somebody that you encounter on the path. Besides, boosting your speed is considered as a good way to flee from bigger spacecraft or hunt down weaker rivals nearby. Have fun!

How to play

Hold LMB to fire, RMB to accelerate, E to launch missiles, Q to boost.

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