About Anomal.io

Anomal.io is one of the fun Free For All games based on Agario style. Choose one of the three given animals from the home screen to start to join the challenge. Attempt to save enough 1,000 points before your rivals to become the top winner.

Once you pick out the favorite creature, you can head to the playfield of Anomal.io. In which, you will be able to meet up with tons of opponents at a time. Before you reach the goal score, you need to keep you safe from every dangerous hit. Additionally, try to find food. Eat apples and meat as many as possible to grow in size. When you get bigger, you can embark on chasing and hunting those who are smaller than you. However, remember to stay away from larger enemies for survival. Besides, running into harmful mushrooms can make you explode. You can use these forms to set traps. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move, Space to boost.

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