About 123shoot.io

123shoot.io is a classic Free For All Io game taking place in space. Explore another version of Slither style and play against multiple strong rivals for the top spot! Do not ignore to master the rules of rock, paper, and scissors if you want to win! Firstly, choose you should pick out the item that you like most. Next, enter the match and get ready to show your abilities. Remember that each object will hide unique strengths and weaknesses. You’d better catch those who are weaker than you can you must stay away from predators promptly. Otherwise, you can be eaten. Before you decide to attack somebody, you are recommended to approach the prey and change into the appropriate form. Whilst rushing into your dinner, you are advised to keep an eye on everything nearby. Switching is also useful to push back stronger guys. Besides, you can gather energy bolts to speed up temporarily. Good luck!

How to play

Use LMB to speed up, 1-3 to switch forms.

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