Become the best swordsman of all in which is an amazing free-for-all Strategy game! You are armed with a powerful sword, so you must use it wisely to destroy all of the opponents around you. During the battle, try to pick up as many colored blobs as possible to increase the length of your sword. Focus on slashing the rival goons while defending yourself. If you are trapped by others, you can use dash to get away from them. Never underestimate other goons since they can be stronger than you thought. Make sure you develop your own smart strategies so you can deal with your rivals easily. Sometimes you should try following the top scores, then, use your excellent abilities to conquer them all. When you kill someone, you can pick up their dead remains to power up your sword. Similar to other IO games, your main objective here is to climb the leaderboard. In addition, the game allows you to pick and download free skins.  You can put one on your character to make him look more awesome! Let’s give it a go!

How to play

The mouse is used for moving your character around the arena. Click left mouse or press spacebar to kill the rivals with your sword. Use the right mouse to run away from the rivals. Skins

Choose your favorite skin in game and put it on your character! There are awesome skins for you to pick. The skins are colored and can be further unlocked if you like the game on Facebook or follow its Twitter. Jazz Curl Spike Amon Vamp Boo Zomb Bud Punk Gezi Hanzo Oneeye

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